We offer boxing and MMA products that incorporate water into its design features.

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Laura B.- North Shore Fight Club 

Tayor Halstead - Citrus County Boxing 

William Ryder - Install Tips

Overall Performance: wrote "The Aqua Punching Bag should be in every martial arts gym. Having a vinyl skin means this durable bag can take a barrage of beatings without fear of it ripping or tearing. I threw everything I had at it (including the kitchen sink) and didn't put so much as a scratch on it. There is no doubt that it will stand the test of time. It’s a training tool that provides a feeling no other bag can provide. So far it is a hidden secret in the world of boxing... If you are looking to increase your punching power or just looking to get a good workout in while feeling what it would be like to hit another human being, then this is the bag for you".  Read more click here We back our product up with a 60 day return policy and 2 year warranty.

The Aqua Punching Bag is perfect for:  
Personal Home Gyms
 Personal and Private Security Compaines 
Mix Martial Art Gyms
 Military Training Camps 
Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Tae-Kon-Do
 High School and College Sport Centers  
Wrestling Gyms
 Sports Camps and Training Centers 
Boxing and Kick Boxing Gyms  
 Body Therapy and/or Rehabilitation Center 

Click on the below videos for great work-out routines. 

Kevin Newman - Video by EsNews

Right Hand Left Hook Drill by William Ryder 

Double Drill Jab by Eddie Rivera

Hidden Camera on Allouche Fabrice (Champ)

Citrus County Boxing Academy - William Cleveland  

Two Person Punching Drill by William Ryder and Scott Baker

Ricky RepoRic Steve

 "Bat & Aqua Punching Bag" by William Ryder    

Eddie testing out the Aqua Punching Bag.

The Conn-Greb Boxing Club 

Progressive Striking Drill by William Ryder 

North Shore Fitness and Boxing Inc. (NSFB) 

 Now you can replace your old school Boxing and MMA Heavy Bag with new training technology!